Sheral is one of Zac's groupies. One day, she and her friend Katrina come into Luke's Diner with Zac. When Lane sees them, she gets very angry, but she doesn't say anything.

Zac, Katrina, and Sheryl come back to the diner a second time. Lane gets very mad. She tells Zac that he can't sit whoever he wants. Zac and lane argue a bit, but the. zac orders some food. Fir Sheryl, a hamburger with no cheese. When he asks for free fries to share with his ladies, Lane tells him that fries are for friends and family memeers only.

Zac and the girls leave. Sheryl, however, comes back in the diner an tells Lane thy they did not know she liked Zac. Lane says he doesn't know what she is taking about.


   •Sheryl wants to spend three years of her life just reading.