During Gilmore Girls's run, the show there were many interesting locations

Stars HallowEdit

Most of the show is centered around where Lorelia and Rroy live, Stars Hallow. The town is full of interesting businesses owned by the towns people. There are many interesting people that live hear as well.


  • Luke's Diner
  • Miss Patty's Dance School
  • Kim's Antiques
  • Weston's Bakery
  • Al's Pancake World
  • Gypsy's Garage/Hewes Brothers
  • Sophie's Music
  • Stars Hallow Bookstore
  • Stars Hallow Beauty Supplies
  • Gabby's Flowers
  • Teriyaki Joes
  • Faretta's Barber Shop
  • Doose's Market
  • Jojo's
  • Antonioli's Restaurant
  • Le Chat Club
  • The Hungry Diner
  • Stars Hallow Party Supplies
  • Stars Hallow Video
  • The Dragon Fly Inn
  • The Independence Inn
  • Stars Hallow Baby

There also is Stars Hallow High and the church/ synagogue


Harford is the home to Emily and Richard Gilmore. Lorelia and Rory typically go here for their Friday Night Diners. Rory also regularly went to Hartford because Chilton was located here.