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A picture of Weston's Bakery

Fran Weston

is the owner of her family's bakery, Weston's Bakery. Aside from Weston's, Fran and her family also own the Dragon Fly. Lorelia and Sookie try to buy the Dragon Fly from Fran, but she will not sell it to them, even though the she makes no use of the Dragon Fly. Eventually, Fran passes away. Most of the town goes to Fran's funeral, where they say goodbye to their beloved friend. While her casket is being walked around the town square at noon, when she would open up her bakery on Sundays, Lorelie and Sookie try to snatch up the Dragon Fly. The lawyer handling Fran's affairs agrees to sell to them. After Fran's death, Weston's bakery continued to stay opened because that is what Fran would have wanted.


Fran Weston was active from 2001-2003

She was in a total of 3 episodes