Babelle after she sees that the Gilmores return from Europe

Babette Dell is a woman filled with a lot of personality. She is very loud and upbeat, but in a good way. She is very good friends with Miss Patty, since they are both very involved in the own gossip.

She is the Gilmore's next-door neighbor. She treats Lorelai and Rory like her own children, since there is no mention of children of her own. When Rory left for college, Babette brought over seeds for Lorelai to plant so she could get her mind off of her daughter's absence. When the Gilmores came back from Europe, Babette comes running out to them and informs them that she called every U.S. embassy around the world when they did not come home on time. After that, she follows them into the house and sits down asking them about the trip and begins to make coffee. Rory acts tired and Babette leaves them to go to sleep.

Babette is married to Morey Dell. Both have a love for music and are always together.

The Dells have a cat named Cinnamon, but he dies in the first season. They then buy a kitty named Apricot.